This 30.000m2 (7.5 acres) ocean front commercial plot is located on the west side of Bonaire, close to the upscale urbanization of Santa Barbara, just a short 15-minute drive from the international airport. The plot is 300 metres long (985 feet) and 110 metres wide (328 feet). On the South end of the plot there is a 200 metre (656 feet) beach that has continued access along the coast. On the North end of the plot has direct access to the public beach of Andrea, that is a world famous dive spot

The urbanization of Santa Barbara promotes high-end luxury villas with no other hotels in this area. A significant advantage to living on the west side of the island is the coast line is protected by the small island that is in close proximity to Bonaire, offering protection from high waves that can be experienced in other areas.
This sought after area on the island offers the ideal location for a luxury development project that would neighbour a large national protected area that is banned from development by the local government.

Bonaire is the last island on the Caribbean with ocean front land available for affordable and profitable development projects. For example, it is anticipated that a 5-star luxury hotel can be developed with between 90 – 150 rooms for a cost of $ 102 per square foot to generate an average annual gross income of just over $6 Million with 75% occupancy. A video outlining our vision for a suitable hotel can be viewed on the @C Hotel video page on this site.We’ve also drawn up plans dividing the land into 3 sections which allows for building of 34 villas, complete with village reception area. More information and videos of the development can be viewed on the @c Villa Video page on this site.

There is also an option to develop the site by building apartments.

Spacious apartments of 120m2 (1.292 sqfeet) could be built, each with two bedrooms with private bathrooms, and are ideal for a holiday with family or friends. The plot is suitable for 65-75 single storey apartments with living room, open kitchen and terrace, 42 of which would have direct views over the turquoise blue Caribbean sea. This would leave the back section of the plot available to build tennis courts, more apartments or villas.

If an investor prefers to build the oceanfront apartments, currently on Bonaire they are selling for $450-500,000 each.

Alternatively, it is possible with this unique ocean front land opportunity to leave it undeveloped as demand for this location will dictate significant future profitability.


@C Club & Villas Commercial Centre